Devi's Massages

for men and women


This is a powerful, healing oil massage that has deep effects, an intense touching that awakens all of your senses and your whole body. Through my hands I send energy throughout your body, by pulsating and pressing marma spots I open blockages. That way your whole body will feel alive. The chakras will be energised and will open one by one. Tingling will travel across your body and will wake up your sexual of life energy (Kundalini). This will than be spread over the entire body, which causes very intense sensations, unlikely to forget!

For this massage you are naked, but I stay clothed. You remain in the role of the receiver, so there is no mutual touching.

This massage has no specific end goal. It's ratheer an endless flow of sensations and pleasure, what leads you into a state of bliss, which can be felt longtime after... On request yoni or lingam (= genital) massage can be included, so the experience will be total. Even then the focus is never on the sexual aspect, but on the healing and balancing of energies. Sexual blockages can be removed this way, your libido can boost or you can simply rediscover how to find pleasure in your body.


In this massage various Tantric techniques are being used, to bring you into total relaxation as well as towards an intense sensual pleasure. You will be touched softly and in a subtle way all over your body, affectionately yet at the same time stimulating. Not a single spot will be neglected... Body-to-body techniques are also part of the massage.

Starting from deep relaxation the sensual feeling will be built up step by step, to reach an even higher level of energy in the second part, probably leading towards an intense climax...

To experience the "Touch of Love" as profoundly as possible the massage is given and received naked, unless you prefer otherwise. A lingam or yoni massage (genital massage) is also included as standard.

Although it's totally OK to touch the Tantrika, total respect is expected as well as garantueed.


The Kashmir massage is a wonderfully beautiful massage, where you will be rocked as if you were a baby, caressed, nurtured in a bath of warme love. It demands an deeper level of surrender and is more intimate than the sensual massage. Because of this the Kashmir is only suited to clients who already took a tantric massage.


- We always start with a short intake talk, eploring together what are your specific needs, wishes but also your personal boundaries. I consider it very important to make very precise agreements and to keep them! Respect and trust are 100% guaranteed, I will never surpass the limits that you put so that you can surrender in a feeling of total safety during the massage.

-You can bring your partner, to simply feel more comfortable or for him/her to enjoy the spectacle

- Always count 30 minon top of the massage time for intake and showering

- Thanks to the profound studies in Tantra and massage our Tantrikas can garantee you a sensual experience of highest quality, which cannot be compared to the often mundane "erotic services" sold under the name of Tantra!




Together with one of the female Tantrikas I can also offer you the double pleasure of a massage by 4 hands, or a massage for both of you as a couple!

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