Devi is a very experienced Tantric masseur. He followed many trainings in Tantra here and abroad. He now now even offers trainings in Tantra massage techniques himself. He combines a great know-how with high intuition and boundless love. His massages are both very deep and subtle and will bring you to pure extasy, time and again. Both women and men are welcome to experience his "Art of Touch".

No matter which massage you choose - the atmosphere, the warm oil, the slowly pulsing music and most of all his loving touch will bring you to high spirits, for a timeless moment.

And did you know? You can also bring your partner, just to feel more comfortable, or to let him/her enjoy the beautiful moment visually...

Below he introduces himself to you:


I am Devi, a blond man, medium build, soft character, quiet but nevertheless very passionated.

I learned the art of massage during countless trainings, but mostly from my professional experience during years. Besides that I worked on my own personality through many trainings and workshops about "Body & Mind", what makes my massages even more intense and powerful. My professionalism and experience guarantee the deep experience that you are looking for and that you deserve! In each massage I give myself completely, and thanks to the intake talk for new clients you'll receive the perfect massage that suits your needs.

    My massage trainings and qualifications:


    - year training Integrative Massage

    - training intuitive, dynamic and polarity massage

    - certification Lomi Lomi massage

    - certification Thai Traditional massage

    - different trainings and qualifications as Tantra masseur in various Tantric styles (Belgium, Netherlands, Estland...)

    - 6 years working as independant masseur

    - teacher Tantric massage techniques

    - founder and inspirer of "Tantrananda"


    I go on to perfect my skills in different courses and workshops here and abroad.

    "Sweet Devi, again you've made me feel so much. So warm, soft, yummy, respectful, totally loving, and nourishing in the here and now. One could drown in, melt away... 

    Yesterday you brought me closer to myself again. Today I feel totally good, "in my body" and with myself. Thank youPatricia"

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