Our massages

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In this massage various Tantric techniques are being used, to bring you into total relaxation as well as towards an intense sensual pleasure. You will be touched softly and in a subtle way all over your body, affectionately yet at the same time stimulating. Not a single spot will be neglected... Body-to-body techniques are also part of the massage.

Starting from deep relaxation the sensual feeling will be built up step by step, to reach an even higher level of energy in the second part, probably leading towards an intense climax...

To experience the "Touch of Love" as profoundly as possible the massage is given and received naked, unless you prefer otherwise. A lingam or yoni massage (genital massage) is also included as standard.

Although it's totally OK to touch the Tantrika, total respect is expected as well as garantueed.


This is a sensual tantra massage, where more time and attention is given to the lingam and around (= genital massage). Through the application of a large variety of Tantric techniques on the lingam one can also learn how to control the orgasm. You will experience totally new and unexpected sensations, un unknown world will open up, expanding your pleasure and your consciousness in infinite ways...

A Tantra Lingam massage one chooses in the first place to enjoy profoundly! But besides that it also has a healing effect on any erectile dysfuntion.

If you so wish, massage of the prostate can be included. Ask who offers this extra service when you book your massage.


Did you ever ask yourself how it would feel to receive a massage by two persons, man and woman?

In our duo Tantra massage you will be taken towards an unknown experience of high intensity, simultanously by a male and a female Tantrika. The overwhelming feeling of having 4 hands touching your body all over will make you surrender completely.

Togheter we will surprise you with a double portion of pure bliss.

On special demand the 4-hands massage can be given by 2 female Tantrikas.

In that case please make your reservation well in advance!


tantra massage koppel

* This was our first experience in tantra. From the first moment we felt very comfortable, thanks to the warm and relaxed welcome. For both of us it was a moment of enjoying in a loving atmosphere, close to each other, from beginning till end and even long after... De extensive massage and the time spent afterwards, to enjoy each other together in the beautiful room made it an experience far beyond our expectations. We definately come back!



What can be more fulfilling than receiving a massage? Receive it TOGETHER with your loved one! Close to each other, enjoying deeply an intense massage, seeing, hearing and feeling your partner taking pleasure...

You can read more about the Sensual Massage on top of this page.

You can choose to receive the massage together in one room or in two separate rooms. Last option may seem less romantic, but it will deepen your experience even more and add some extra exciment to it. Afterwards you join each other again in the one room to spend the half hour with your partner.

If you prefer you can receive the couple massage by two female Tantrikas (price is a bit higher). Please mention your preference when you make your reservation...

Before the massage we take an half hour to talk through the most important things, as to explain the process to you, and for us to clearly know your wishes, desires and above all: your personal boundaries. This will make it easy for you to relax en surrender during the massage...

After the massage an half hour extra time is offered for you to spend freely in our sensual room. The after effect of the massage, the sensual music and your oiled bodies will garantee you an unique intimate moment together.

Nothing less than a fantastic boost to your love life!

Thanks to the profound studies in Tantra and massage our Tantrikas can garantee you a sensual experience of highest quality, which cannot be compared to the often mundane "erotic services" sold under the name of Tantra!

We offer only high quality massages, so NO prostitution.