Tantra Massage



Come and experience the bliss of being touched in pure love and total attention.

Surrender to the soft caresses of our skilled and experienced Tantrikas.

Undergo the deep effect of a sensual massage like you never experienced before. Coming home to your Self, get in contact with your unrestrained life force and your most intense sensual pleasure.

At Tantrananda everyone can have the unique, timeless encounter of being touched beyond the physical and arrive at a state of pure delight, touched into your very soul...

You can receive the massage by a male or female Tantrika, or even - why not? - both together.

You are welcome as single man or female, as a couple, or together with your partner as spectator. 

Tantrananda also offers a training program to become a qualified Tantric masseur or masseuse, either for private or professional purpose (with certificate).


Why the name "Tantrananda"? Comes from: Tantra + Ananda

- Tantra = to expand your consciousness, to connect, to unite, to become one...

- Ananda = Bliss and Joy

So Tantrananda means: the bliss of becoming one (with yourself, with the other, with everything inside and outside yourself, with the very energy of life...)

Exactly this is the experience that we try to make you acquainted with by means of our massages...

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