Reviews by our clients

(most of the texts are automatic translations of the original Dutch)


* We really enjoyed a super massage at Tantrananda. Really nice how respectful and safe things went. A must-do and a wonderful experience! And definitely worth repeating.


* This was something completely new to us, a world we didn't know. On arrival we were warmly welcomed by the lovely host and hostess. We were immediately put at ease and received a good explanation about tantra massage by Devi while the lady came to bring us a drink. We opted for the sensual massage and it was super.

Devi, you gave my wife a fantastic birthday present with your experienced hands! I myself also enjoyed the equally experienced hands of the masseuse!

The blissful feeling that you gave us during the massage is indescribable, you must have really experienced it, it was really great!!!

We enjoyed from the first to the last minute, our whole body was delighted. You give the massage with much love and warmth, it comes straight from your heart. You are a passionate couple and very sweet people!

The accommodation is also very cozy and very clean.

We have found our place for a satisfying super massage and are already looking forward to our next visit with you!

Dear greetings, H&S from W-Vl

* It was quite exciting to wait and see after we booked our first sensual couple massage.

After the pleasant reception and a conversation where everything was quietly overflowed, we were able to take a warm shower and felt completely ready for the massage.

This became an incredible experience that we still talk about with each other.

It was respectful, relaxed, stimulating and sensual. Simply blissful with a lot of "wow" from both of us afterwards.

Thanks, this super experience was more than worth the long drive from Antwerp.


* This was our first tantra experience. We both immediately felt very comfortable due to the warm, relaxed welcome. It was loving for us both, close together, from the beginning to the end and far beyond. The total picture of an extensive massage by this masseurs couple and then being able to enjoy it together with and from each other has exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be back!


* Simply Blessed !!! As a couple we have already visited Tantrananda a few times for a Sensual massage and over and over again it is enjoying how their hands lovingly massage with a lot of expertise in an attractive warm room. They are both passionate about their work.

We already have many experiences with this massage and for us they are the top 1!!!

we are already coming back,

Many hugs from both of us, M&T


We were very curious about this experience and this was a great success for us. You are very pleasant people who do this with heart and soul. We were at ease, in a very beautiful environment. To be repeated.

Greetings D&E

* We had talked long time about it together, whether we would do this now. In the end, the curiosity became too strong, and based on the professional-looking presentation on their website, we finally dared to call for an appointment.

You know how to put people at ease immediately upon arrival. Once in the super chic and sensual room we also received a very thorough and reassuring explanation about the massage and about Tantra: everything happens in consultation and in total respect! This was just what my wife wanted to hear. The massage itself: ... what can we say about that, except that it was blissfully relaxing, at the same time it was just as stimulating, exciting, subtle ... I myself loved hearing my wife enjoying herself and I (secretly sometimes) peered and meanwhile melting away under the hands and body of my masseuse. We talked about it for a long time afterwards, the hour and a half was our best erotic experience, comparable to a ticket to paradise! We are still glowing with pleasure as I write this ...

Thank you, you are a discovery! to rediscover :-)



* Enjoying a heavenly experience, I want to say this:

As a layman in Tantra, I arrived this morning with a small heart and the necessary nervousness, not knowing what awaited me. A beautiful house, and I felt a little awkward to be received by such a divine appearance! However, Emely immediately brought peace to me. What I experienced there is indescribable: a beauty of a body, a very nice person, and a heavenly experience! A revelation for me, what I was looking for and needed: the feeling, the tenderness and yet also the sensual. In 4 words: an angel on earth! I experienced things I didn't know about, already looking forward to my next appointment. Big thanks, F.

* Hi. I would like to thank you for reassuring me before I stood at your door. The way you received me and the gentleness with which you spoke made me comfortable. I am quite introverted so it is not obvious to expose myself to an unknown woman and to allow her into my intimacy. You are enchanting, passionate, open, super soft and very respectful. It gives me warmth whenever I think back to those moments of the massage. Fortunately, this is not about sexuality, but includes much more, such as gentleness, charity, respect, surrender, connection, love ...

x V.

* Thank you very much for the fantastic massage. I feel full of energy again. See you next time,


* Last week I visited Tantrananda for the third time. The massage was quite different from the previous two (she masters many different techniques). The only common element was the fact that it was once again amazing. The masseuse is a true professional who manages to combine her skills with pure kindness and it's this kindness I enjoy so much. Thank you, you are one of a kind. Hope to see you soon.


* I would like to thank you for the fantastic Tantra session. She played my body like a virtuoso. She felt everything and brought me to seventh heaven. It is exceptional to be able to make such an intense connection with each other in such a short time. Namasté.


* I just wanted to let you know that today's massage was FANTASTIC. I have already tried out a few tantam massages but this one stood head and shoulders above them.

The massage was given very tenderly with incredibly smooth, gentle movements. A lot of variation in techniques too.

It was really a unique experience. Thanks!

* thank you for the heavenly massage yesterday. You gave me a fantastic experience again with your friendly smile, your perfect body, your magic hands and your angel face! The only thing I could think of after the massage was my next appointment. See you!

* Summary of the massage just now: sultry, exciting, relaxing ... perfection does not exist but this came close! It was a long drive to Zottegem but the massage made up for every kilometer. Thanks!

* -Yesterday I met an angel for the first time. Super enjoyed the wonderful massage, you can't get closer to heaven on earth! Thank you and goodbye

-Thank you again for my hour in heaven !!

* I just wanted to thank you for the great experience that I just had! For a long time I doubted that I would do "this". In the meantime I know that this is exactly what I indeed want and need. Great hands!

* For many years I have been going for a sensual massage every week. For me, both the massage and the erotic part must be of good quality. In addition, I think it is necessary that you can really make contact and not end up with a massage machine. It is just that combination that keeps me returning to Tantrananda.

The masseuse always receives with a smile, but then leave it up to you whether or not to talk. She also enjoys the massage herself, I have already discussed this with her on several occasions. Her closed eyes are much more a sign of concentration and surrender to the flow. For me really top, because a combination that is not so easy to find with a non-commercial approach with both a good massage and a delightful sensual feeling.

* Been for the first time tonight and in 1 word: fantastic (EXCLAMATION MARK). It felt genuine, dear with the bonus of a beautiful, sweet, gentle woman with a beautiful body! She immediately put me very well at ease. I enjoyed as I have not enjoyed for a long time. Magistral flow. I felt!

I will return!

* I am a person with a disability: right-sided paralysis, but this is not a problem as I can move freely. I would like to thank you again especially for the understanding and patience that you want to show me. This makes me very happy! And I am happy to have found my massage house and hope to be able to return a lot.

Until the next...


* I visited Tantrananda some time ago, in the autumn last year and during this holidays break I finally had time to give a small review, as I think those guys really deserve it. So here it goes…

I was looking for something rather specific, as I wanted to try the experience with the couple. Not being a resident of Belgium, I tried my luck over mail, to sort the details before eventual visit. We exchanged more than a few mails, in a way that his patience and helpfulness gave me all the answers I needed.

When I finished the shower, both of them were in the room, with robes. And I must say the space is just lovely – with a nice room, appropriate music, lights, a bit higher temperature: it seems that is designed in a way to bring you somewhere far from a dull Belgium autumn weather. This and the really unconstrained chat made me feel like I know them for quite some time. 

And all of the story is just a prelude for the main thing – the massage. I would just write that it started rather slowly, but then it changed intensity, it grew, it become more daring, it changed shape. It was cozy, it was tender, it was relaxing, it was all of that at the same time. And it lasted and lasted. It was… just perfect. And exactly what I had fantasized about – with the exact measure, which was very important for me.

Do I recommend it? Are you kidding – of course! Especially if you take into an account adorable woman, such a divine creature, so soft and so passionate. And will I repeat the encounter? I honestly don’t know. Part of me would like to do so, although I am on the other part of Europe now. And part wouldn’t, as I am not sure what more I could get, and sometimes it is good to have just amazing memories which would be there all my life.